Cireson delivers world class value to your business.

Our story

Cireson was founded on a simple, powerful idea: to be the forward thinkers on all things surrounding Microsoft System Center. Our team has deep System Center knowledge and decades of experience working with a diverse range of clients. We’re passionate about technology; geeks, if you will.

By offering companies full-service consultancy, deployments, training, and market leading apps, we’ll help you harness the power of System Center while delivering world class value to your business. Plain and simple.

Our 2 cents

It’s easy for businesses to stay satisfied. Complacent, even. But it’s the companies who challenge themselves to find the next solution, the next answer, who push the world forward and succeed. Innovative thinking weaves through all aspects of smart business.

It is our welcome responsibility as IT professionals to meet these demands, and do more for less.

The simple truth is no matter your current System, Endpoint Protection, Asset or Service Management solution, no matter the vendor’s sales pitch, no matter the so-called cost savings, there is no other solution that can match the tight integration, simplicity, and maturity of Microsoft System Center. Period.

Our Culture

Community: We are big believers in doing the right thing. We play an active role in our communities. As we strive to make the world a better place with IT, we fully support groups who strive to make our local communities a better place as well. At Cireson, we donate 5% of our time and 5% of profits to social-change organizations so they can amplify their impact.

Talent Density: We want to work with A+ people; you do as well. We’re going to hold ourselves and everyone we hire to high standards.

Vision, Commitment, Passion: We want everyone to understand, believe and be wildly committed to the mission of our company. Beyond building a financially successful company, we are committed to building a company that will make IT better.

Intellectual Honesty: We respect intelligent discussion and passionate debate. The onus is on each of us to constantly challenge ideas, assumptions, theories, strategies or processes, to honor our commitment of collectively pushing things forward.