SCSM Outlook Console

Built for System Center. Ready for anything.

The Challenge

System Center Service Manager (SCSM) allows for IT Operations to create and update Work Items from e-mails via the SCSM Exchange Connector. The challenge is the inability to interact directly from e-mail within Microsoft Outlook to fully manage all functions of SCSM, to include creating, editing, approving and completing any Work Item. The Cireson Outlook Console app solves this problem, check it out:

Cireson Outlook Console from Team Cireson on Vimeo.

The Solution

The Outlook Console app provides full and direct SCSM integration within Microsoft Outlook. Create, edit, approve and complete any Work Items, allowing for seamless interaction with SCSM processes in order to support the overarching business from the most utilized daily pivot point in every users’ life – Microsoft Outlook.

With the introduction of this App into your SCSM environment, Analysts can now drastically increase productivity by managing all SCSM Work Items without leaving Microsoft Outlook. Management can also rest assure that reporting against operational activity will become much more accurate with the newly introduced ease of working with SCSM. Take control of your day-to-day operations with this ground breaking App.

Reach out to Team Cireson to discuss the possibilities with this headache saving System Center Service Manager app.